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LOVE is part of a series of artful vignettes, inspired reflections on various facets of The Human Condition.

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Camera: Michael Marantz
Color Correction: Jason Goodman
Audio: Drew English
Edited with Pete Demas

Mar 5

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This video is inspired by the new book ABUNDANCE, written by X-Prize Founder and Singularity University co-founder, Peter Diamandis and writer Steven Kotler. In it, they explain how exponentially emerging technologies can be leveraged to address humanity’s grand challenges… 

The possibilities are dazzling.

For more information on their epic book, check out 



The Beginning Of Infinity - vimeo.com/29938326

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To Understand Is To Perceive Patterns - vimeo.com/34182381

Mar 5

Ecstasy is the experience of becoming “epiphanized” by rapturous AWE. 

As described in Rich Doyle’s Darwin’s Pharmacy, “…a sense of interior and exterior dissolves in awareness and awe.”

"…there is an upwelling of fresh insight coupled with a feeling of ubiquitous harmony," in the experience.

The vision — which i hasten to point out, is neither “religious” nor “otherworldly” — feels like a”startling recognition.”

"Christopher Uhl reminds us that "while gazing ‘up’ at a night sky, one in fact hangs off the planet and near the edge of a galaxy, vertiginous, suspended over the infinity of space." - Rich Doyle, Darwin’s Pharmacy

"As you lie there feeling yourself hovering within this gravitational bond while peering down at the billions of stars drifting in the infinite chasm of space, you will have entered an experience of the universe that is not just human and not just biological. You will have entered a relationship from a galactic perspective, becoming for a moment a part of the Milky Way galaxy, experiencing what it is like to be the Milky Way galaxy." - Cosmologist Brian Swimme

Astronomer Rebecca Elson wrote in A Responsibility to Awe that: 

"Sometimes as an antidote
To fear of death,
I eat the stars.”

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Mar 5

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… A Universe Of Possibilities

… Grey Infused By Color

… The Invisible Revealed

… The Mundane Blown Away By Awe

Dedicated to: Carl Sagan, Ray Kurzweil, Timothy Leary, Buckminster Fuller, Stewart Brand, The Imaginary Foundation, Chris Anderson from TED, Linda Mishkin, Richard Feynman, and all the curious and the wonderful…

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BEAUTY - vimeo.com/34416532

Mar 5


This video is inspired, in part, by the ideas explored in David Deutsch’s new book, THE BEGINNING OF INFINITY. We hope it moves you. 

‎”The topographical shape and the material constitution of the upper surface of the island of Manhattan, as it exists today, is much less a matter of geology than it is of economics and politics and human psychology. The effects of geological forces were trumped (you might say) by other forces — forces that proved themselves, in the fullness of time, physically stronger. Deutsch thinks the same thing must in the long run be true of the universe as a whole. Stuff like gravitation and dark energy are the sorts of things that determine the shape of the cosmos only in its earliest, and most parochial, and least interesting stages. The rest is going to be a matter of our own intentional doing..” - David Alpert on David Deutsch’s new book.

"Some time in the last fifty thousand years, with the invention of culture, the biological evolution of humans ceased and evolution became an epigenetic, cultural phenomenon… technology is the real skin of our species. Humanity, correctly seen in the context of the last five hundred years, is an extruder of technological material. We take in matter that has a low degree of organization; we put it through mental filters, and we extrude jewelry, gospels, space shuttles. This is what we do. We are like coral animals embedded in a technological reef of extruded psychic objects." - Terence Mckenna


Our stated goal is to re-ignite the art of the “performing philosophers” … like Timothy Leary and Buckminster Fuller… A post on Space Collective wrote about “thinkers who act as substantial agents of change, who drastically alter the infocologies they interact with, in the process transforming and meshing the different dimensions in which our minds operate.”

We care about the pleasures derived in forming new connections, mash-ups and innovative solutions for the next step in human evolution.

We are working to articulate our understanding through the creation of recombinant media mashups meant to epiphanize audiences——the creating and sharing of awe; “performance philosophy” in an age of collapsing boundaries and exponential creativity. 

The director of the Imaginary Foundation described our work as “some kind of Ontological DJ’ing, recompiling the source code of western philosophy by mixing and mashing it up into a form of recombinant creativity, which (hopefully) elevates our understanding from the dry and prosaic, into the sensual and transcendent.”

“The goal is to prove a fresh framework and a new narrative to fill our old storytelling needs in our ever-increasing process of self-description.”

Mar 5


The Imaginary Foundation says “To Understand Is To Perceive Patterns”…

Albert-László Barabási, author of LINKED, wants you to think about NETWORKS: 

“Networks are everywhere. The brain is a network of nerve cells connected by axons, and cells themselves are networks of molecules connected by biochemical reactions. Societies, too, are networks of people linked by friendships, familial relationships and professional ties. On a larger scale, food webs and ecosystems can be represented as networks of species. And networks pervade technology: the Internet, power grids and transportation systems are but a few examples. Even the language we are using to convey these thoughts to you is a network, made up of words connected by syntactic relationships.”

'For decades, we assumed that the components of such complex systems as the cell, the society, or the Internet are randomly wired together. In the past decade, an avalanche of research has shown that many real networks, independent of their age, function, and scope, converge to similar architectures.”

Steven Johnson, author of Where Good Ideas Come From, writes about recurring patterns and liquid networks:

“Coral reefs are sometimes called “the cities of the sea”, and part of the argument is that we need to take the metaphor seriously: the reef ecosystem is so innovative because it shares some defining characteristics with actual cities. These patterns of innovation and creativity are fractal: they reappear in recognizable form as you zoom in and out, from molecule to neuron to pixel to sidewalk. Whether you’re looking at original innovations of carbon-based life, or the explosion of news tools on the web, the same shapes keep turning up… when life gets creative, it has a tendency to gravitate toward certain recurring patterns, whether those patterns are self-organizing, or whether they are deliberately crafted by human agents”

Patrick Pittman from Dumbo Feather adds:

“Put simply: cities are like ant colonies are like software is like slime molds are like evolution is like disease is like sewage systems are like poetry is like the neural pathways in our brain. Everything is connected.

"…Johnson uses ‘The Long Zoom’ to define the way he looks at the world—if you concentrate on any one level, there are patterns that you miss. When you step back and simultaneously consider, say, the sentience of a slime mold, the cultural life of downtown Manhattan and the behavior of artificially intelligent computer code, new patterns emerge.”